Pediatric Oral Health Interprofessional Clerkship

During the spring 2014 semester, the TOSH program launched the Pediatric Oral Health Interprofessional Clerkship at Bellevue Pediatric Dental Clinic. The goal of the Clerkship is to promote the acquisition of interprofessional oral health competencies by teaching students how to use a team-based approach to improve oral-systemic health outcomes. During this interprofessional education experience, teams of NYU family nurse practitioner, dental, and medical students, work together with a pediatric dental resident. Team members collaborate in reviewing the patient chart, taking the patient’s medical and dental history, performing an oral assessment, applying fluoride varnish, and providing education and anticipatory guidance. The pediatric dental resident then conducts a debriefing session where the team discusses the importance of interprofessional teamwork and communication skills in providing patient centered care.

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